Elders Corner – God Answers Prayer

Elders Corner – God Answers Prayer

“But truly God has listened; He has attended to the voice of my prayer.”  ~Psalm 66:19

This week has been a week of praise and thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness in answering the prayers of His people!  We have been praying for clarity through the result of the vote and the Lord, in His kindness, has provided clarity.  Last Sunday, the church body voted with more than a 99% affirmation to call Pastor Bryan Carver as our Equipping Pastor.  218 of 220 members and 59 of 59 non-members affirmed his calling to our church.  The Carvers will be arriving on Tuesday, May 15th and will be staying at the Follett’s until they settle into more permanent living arrangements.  

We celebrate God’s faithfulness during this past season.  We praise Him for bringing the Carvers back to us.  We pray for the things He accomplishes in us as we strive to impact hundreds of lives in our community with the Gospel.

Grace and Peace to you!

For the Elders,

~ Pastor Stan