Reviewing "The Sound of Freedom" and Comparing and Contrasting Child Trafficking with the Abortion Holocaust

There is a lot of talk and controversy going around about the new (and not so new) movie, "The Sound of Freedom." Maybe the first controversy is that the movie was finished in 2018, was acquired by Disney in the Fox purchase and they refused to release it. Finally, Angel Studios picks it up and it was released in Summer 2023. So, one controversial question is why didn't Disney want to release it? 

I could suggest several things. Lots of people are taking shots at the anti-child trafficking organization and the man who founded it. The actual person Jim Caviezel portrayed in the film. Tim Ballard. Some complain the movie will hinder not help efforts against child trafficking and pedophilia. 

But I'll throw another reason out there. One I think hits closer to home. In the movie the term pedophile is clearly used, and they are people who are clearly depicted as partaking in intense evil. But our culture is moving away from that. There's a new name in town for pedophiles. MAPs or Minor Attracted Persons. They’re looking to get their flag into the "+" in the LGBTQ+ movement. And they have advocates making TED talks and "trans" professors pushing the narrative. A movie like "The Sound of Freedom", that is being promoted as a modern day "Uncle Tom's Cabin", might hinder the pedophiles in getting their name change and adding their MAPs flag to the alphabet army. Why else wouldn't Hollywood get behind a movie that so clearly at a foundational level is raising awareness against what should be a universally agreed upon evil? Well, because it sadly isn't so universally agreed upon as evil. 

Now to the movie itself. Let me give a surface level review that won't give anything big away. First off. It's an excellent film every parent and teen should go see. It's gritty, has a little bad language, and it is gut wrenching. I cried quite a bit. It is a movie that will really tug on heartstrings. Especially those of a father. 

It begins with Agent Tim Ballard and his team catching a pedophile in his home with tons of evidence of his sick activities but no children. After the raid another agent asks Tim how many pedophiles has, he caught. It's a number north of 200. But he then asks how many victims he has saved. The answer is zero. It gets the ball rolling. 

While the huge scope of the wickedness of child trafficking and human slavery is discussed, the movie doesn't let you get lost in insurmountable and debilitating statistics. It gives you a focus by Tim zeroing in on saving two lost children for a grieving father. And as to the movie itself, that's all I'm going to say. Except to say again, go watch the movie. If you want to, like me you can sponsor a ticket or many for others to see the film free. I became a sponsor and here's the link to do so if you want. 

Now is a good time to make a comparison between the evils of child trafficking and abortion, or more clearly preborn baby murder. One easy comparison is that both are committed against children. One group inside the other group outside of the womb. Another comparison is that both are such huge evils that you can feel overwhelmed at the possibility of fighting effectively against something so huge and widespread. But it is also a vital comparison to remember that every single victim is an image bearer of God and when you can help one image bearer of God you are loving your neighbor.

And it's important to see the comparisons. And yes, I believe it is an important ministry for the Church to address. Like all intense evil it needs to be engaged and opposed with law and gospel faithfulness. It needs the prophetic voice of the Church to speak into the civil sphere and call on our magistrates to act in accordance with biblical standards. And here is where the comparisons sadly end. 

I asked my daughters after the movie if they could see a clear example of the difference between child trafficking and preborn baby murder. I tried to make it easier by reminding them what Tim Ballard was in the movie. He was a cop. Homeland Security to be precise. Big money federal government. They didn't see the quick contrast and I don't think many people do. It's right there. Child trafficking at all levels is a crime and everyone involved is charged with major felonies and is looking at years, maybe life in prison. In some places even death. Whether by the system or by inmates. Tim Ballard and his testimony before the US Congress even enhanced child trafficking cooperation internationally. Child trafficking is being combatted. Not so with preborn murder. 

In fact, here in Oregon Roe v Wade being done away with didn't save babies, it endangered more. One group predicts a 234% increase in baby murders in Oregon. We're considered the most Pro baby murder state in the nation and the state even signed over $15,000,000 dollars to help pay for abortion tourists to come here! In short, abortion is far from illegal.

Even in conservative states there isn't a single one where a woman can't get an abortion somehow. Pill abortions are skyrocketing. Mobile clinics are sent out by Planned Parenthood. The sinful regulatory bills of partiality that don't provide image bearing babies in the womb with equal justice and equal protection leaves the fox guarding the hen house and babies blood still flowing to deepen our national bloodguilt. Not a single officer of any agency, federal, state, county, or city is rushing out to stop the murder of the most vulnerable innocents in our land. 

Here's another contrast. Because child trafficking and human slavery are actual crimes, you have little chance of finding and working to save any of the individual victims. You may even see them, but you likely won't know who they are and what they're going through. Not so with preborn baby murder. We have taxpayer funded and protected child sacrifice centers across our state and nation. A little over an hour away tops both north and south of us off I5 are four murder mills. And while they’re over an hour away from us there are countless churches in those cities. Cities where victims of this heinous crime and the many perpetrators involved in it right out in the open marching into them to pay assassins kill their babies, grand babies, and more. 

These victims don't have Tim Ballards or other agents coming to their rescue. And honestly, they need better than Tim Ballard. You see, as courageous and awesome as Tim Ballard is he's LDS. He doesn't have the gospel. He can't reach murdering mom's and others with soul saving truth. Even if he adopted a rescued baby he couldn’t raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord because Tim doesn't know Him. Those moms and family members and friends going to murder don't need Tim Ballard or countless agents like him. They need you. They need Christians with the law and gospel of Christ and His love in them and the Holy Spirit's guidance there at the gates of death and throughout the culture speaking into every sphere of life.

It's important to know these comparisons and contrasts. Comparisons because it's good to fight both. But contrasts to answer the naysayers who complain about our focus on preborn baby murder over child trafficking. It's more needed, the governments promote baby murder, and only Christians have the message and the homes the murderers and their children need. So, let’s get out there with renewed vigor and act for the glory of God, saved souls, and babies lives. God bless all who do.