Sanctity of Life Sunday

Last weekend we observed Sanctity of Life Sunday on the 50th Anniversary of Roe V Wade. In the last five decades, over 65 million babies have been murdered under the guise of law, and they continue to be murdered even after the overturn of Roe. Nothing in history compares to this atrocity and nothing brings God's judgment more than polluting the land with innocent blood (Lev 18:2-28; Num 35:30-34). This holocaust of the unborn requires nothing less than national repentance before Yahweh. What could possibly bring such widespread repentance to the whole nation? I am convinced by Scripture that such a move of God will only be brought about through His people standing in the gap and publicly proclaiming His law and gospel to change the hearts and minds of society at large.

I am so encouraged to be a part of a church family that believes this to be true and actually acts on those convictions. We had over 90 saints on all four corners of Garden Valley and Stewart Parkway, the busiest intersection in the city, bringing awareness to the horror of abortion and declaring the gospel of the Kingdom. Families with young children participated together, discipling the next generation in Biblical Christianity where we are "doers of the word and not hearers only" (James 1:22). Saints in the later years, some in wheelchairs, braved the cold weather, and held signs aimed at calling our city to repentance. Such a demonstration did not go unnoticed by our community and it forces the conversation, even if spiteful towards us, that they otherwise would not be having.

What I witnessed on Sunday is a church that not only says abortion is murder but is living like babies are really dying every day. I saw a church that is bold enough to say and do what must be said and done for the glory of Christ. I saw a church that was no longer willing to tolerate child sacrifice as the norm in our land. The truth is that most Americans, and most Christians, are at peace with child sacrifice and willing to tolerate it for another five decades. This they prove by their silence and apathy. May God grant them all repentance and an awakening that turns the tide in this fight. May He start with us and with His church in America. God be merciful! There is more work to be done, and it will be difficult, but "God's grace is sufficient for us and His strength is made perfect in our weakness" (2 Cor 12:9). Trust in Him and keep your hands to the plow!

A proud pastor of a faithful flock,

Pastor Bryan